Naomi Garrick
Lead PR Chick, Garrick Communications

Naomi helps individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and CEO's to discover, define and develop their unique personal brand in order to effectively communicate their expertise and stand out in their craft or industry. 

She is a Certified Reputation Champion by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), a PR consultant and Personal Branding Coach with over 16 years of experience in Public Relations & Marketing, working with over 100 brands and individuals.

She is passionate about helping others to discover and develop their unique personal brand in order to stand out in a noisy world. 

Over the last year, Naomi has published 3 books on personal branding to help guide individuals on their brand journey:

Naomi is a 2018 Vital Voices Grow Fellow, A 2017 Scotiabank Vision Achiever, and was recently nominated for the 'Entrepreneur Award' by the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce. 

She is also the Lead PR Chick and Founder of Garrick Communications, a boutique PR agency based in

Kingston Jamaica.